Since 2002 we have been immersed in the world of ergonomic accessories for computer users.

Everything from laptop stands for agile workers to height adjustable desks have been unboxed, assembled, thoroughly tested in our office by real people and some have been given the ultimate accolade of being selected for sale through one of our specialist online shops.

We pride ourselves on personally testing each and every product that comes through our door and irrespective of its price tag or pedigree we check the manufacturers claims and compare with similar products from other manufacturers.

We do not claim to be unbiased. In fact you will find our reviews totally biased towards products that do a good job at a fair price and many (but not all) of these products can be bought from us. We try not to pre-empt the buying criteria that might be important to buyers as pretty much every product has something particular to offer the user - sometimes it is simply the price or colour or size or just the way it glints in the sunlight so you will read it all here.

We have included some products that we consider over-priced, others that we think are poorly made and for some we just can’t establish the continuity of supply our customer’s demand. In most cases we have sourced viable alternatives that out-perform those products and that can be bought at a lower price.

The purpose of this Review blog is to share some of our impressions and through our extensive experience inform your buying choices for laptop stands, compact keyboards, monitor arms, laptop arms, document slopes, height adjustable desks, and sit-stand adaptors.

Trevor Gates


Visual-q Healthy Computing

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