The Touchdown is a bit like introducing an old friend.
We have been stocking the Touchdown Laptop Stand here at for eight or so years now and in all that time I don’t ever recall having any returned from customers , which speaks volumes about the quality of the product and its suitability for the job.

Touchdown Portable Laptop Stand Touchdown Portable Laptop Stand Touchdown Portable Laptop Stand
  • Contemporary design
  • 6 height settings
  • Folds to 127mm for portability
  • Non-skid swivel base
  • Neoprene sleeve/mouse mat

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Whilst the Touchdown is not the lightest nor the thinnest laptop stand on the market, we would still categorise it as portable as it does fold pretty flat and is made mainly of aluminium. It does in fact come with a handy neoprene bag to slip it into when carrying in your laptop bag. The stand weighs 620g.
Touchdown has six height adjustments including a low setting which means that you can still use the integral laptop keyboard instead of plugging in an external keyboard. (this arrangement is convenient, but should only be used for short spells.)

The stand has plenty of grip where it needs it on the retaining lip and on the underside to stop it slipping on your work-surface. We have tested with a widescreen 17″ laptop and it is stable in all the higher settings, but as is typical with most stands the weight of the screen comes into play when the lower settings are deployed and it becomes a bit back-heavy.
Touchdown laptop stand has been popular with home users and office workers alike and works well as a mobile ergonomic kit when paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse set like our Touchdown Wireless Pro Kit.
The patented design offers a sturdy and stable base for personal laptop use and the integral swivel base makes it particularly suitable for collaborative work like training, exhibitions, consulting rooms or other situations where information needs to be shared.